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GeoLocator 2.1 Released

BRENTWOOD, Tennessee – Feb. 5, 2008 – “ Digital Reasoning Systems, Inc., the software innovator, today announced the recent release of GeoLocator, version 2.1.

GeoLocator is a precision-based tool that extracts populated places from unstructured text (i.e emails, instant messages, and other documents) and returns the extracted locations with their respective geo-coordinates.

“With the release of GeoLocator v2.1 we are taking the lead in creating a flexible, scalable, and reliable geotagging solution for government and commercial users”, said Tim Estes, CEO of Digital Reasoning Systems.

With a twenty-fold performance increase over previous versions, GeoLocator 2.1 can process over 14,000 text files every hour, with each text file averaging around seven kilobytes each. That is the equivalent of reading War and Peace, which is almost 1500 pages long, 33 times in an hour. In fact, if you were to print all of those text files on standard, letter-size paper and set them side-by-side you could cover almost 35 acres.

The following are just a few of the features and enhancements within GeoLocator 2.1:

  • Better performance ( at least a 20x improvement over previous versions)
  • User-defined custom gazetteer
  • Supports Microsoft Word (DOC) and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents as well as text files
  • Recognizes existing in-line coordinates that can optionally be used for a given location
  • Multiple interfaces, to include both a command line and GUI interface
  • Export function that can target XML, KML or any custom format
  • Web Service and Java API Interfaces
  • Better Reporting

“GeoLocator represents a great step in bringing spatial intelligence to a broad audience”, said Estes. “We’ve made it very simple for users to add their own locations to fit their particular needs without costly retraining or customization”, he added.

GeoLocator is a scalable service implemented purely as software – giving enterprises the flexibility to fit us into Service Oriented Architectures using the hardware and platforms of their choice. Finally, GeoLocator provides reliable and consistent results with high performance – it just works. “We believe that simplicity, flexibility, and performance make GeoLocator stand out from the pack and provide better value in total cost of ownership”, said Estes.

GeoLocator 2.1 builds upon the previous success of the same powerful geotagging tools that were built for and are currently used by various US military organizations and intelligence agencies.

GeoLocator is easy to use, works out-of-the-box, and is available at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.