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Former US Air Force Chief Information Officer Joins Digital Reasoning as Special Advisor

FRANKLIN, Tennessee – Feb. 4, 2010 – Digital Reasoning® Systems Inc., the intelligence-software innovator, today announced that Gen. William “Tom” Hobbins has joined the company as a special advisor. Hobbins retired from the United States Air Force as Commander, US Air Forces in Europe. He previously served, among many other notable positions, as Deputy Chief of Staff for War Fighting Integration and as the US Air Force’s Chief Information Officer. As the Chief Information Officer, Gen. Hobbins developed and implemented the Air Force’s roadmap for networks enabling predictive battle-space awareness and targeting.

“As the former Chief Information Officer for the United States Air Force, one of my great passions became knowledge management. The future lies in tying disparate databases into fuzed, consumable and structured information that yields decision superiority. Given that we have created digital landfills, with all the data we indiscriminately placed in storage, it must be transformed and made discoverable in actionable terms for decision makers. Digital Reasoning goes beyond knowledge management into knowledge discovery – being able to extrapolate meaning from unstructured data”, said Hobbins.

In his role with Digital Reasoning, Hobbins will advise on applications for Digital Reasoning’s technology in the defense and intelligence community. When asked why he joined the Digital Reasoning team, Hobbins remarked, “After studying Digital Reasoning’s approach to unstructured data and their ability to consume extremely large amounts of data, I was impressed by the innovative style of their leadership and accepted the opportunity to be a special advisor to their board. I believe that they will continue to find innovative ways to process, exploit, and disseminate knowledge from unstructured data. Take for example the medical field, consider how humanity could be better served by understanding and sharing the immense amount of unstructured diagnostic data in the search for cures. Researchers would be able to see corollaries and discover facts, which may have previously gone unnoticed.”

“Tom has devoted much of his life to making our country safer. We are proud to have him on our team as a special advisor, and believe that this is a clear result of our credibility within the military and intelligence communities. He understands what our technology can do, and will be instrumental in carrying this message to others within those communities”, said Tim Estes, Digital Reasoning’s Chief Executive Officer.