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Exclusive Interview: Abe Music, Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning, based in Franklin, Tennessee, is one of a handful of companies breaking a path through the content jungle. The firm’s approach processes a wide range of “big data”. The system’s proprietary methods make it easy to discern trends, identify high-value items of data, and see the relationships among people, places, and things otherwise lost in the “noise” of digital information.

In addition to a number of high-profile customers in the defense and intelligence communities, the company is attracting interest from healthcare and financial institutions. Also, professionals engaged in eDiscovery, and practitioners in competitive intelligence are expressing interest in the company’s approach to “big data”. The idea of “big data” is large volumes of structured and unstructured content such as Twitter messages, Web logs, reports, email messages, blog data and system generated numerical outputs is increasingly important. The problem is that the content arrives continuously and in ever increasing volume.

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