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The Economist Events’ – Finance Disrupted
October 13 - New York City

Digital Reasoning is pleased to sponsor the upcoming Finance Disrupted conference hosted by The Economist, which will take place in New York City, October 13.

Building on 2015’s acclaimed fintech gathering, “The Valley Meets the Street”, The Economist Events’ 2016 Finance Disrupted conference will bring together today’s most disruptive entrepreneurs, policymakers and renowned academics under the chairmanship of our senior Economist editors to explore the big trends in fintech, what the digital revolution means for finance and the broader economy. Attendees will walk away with an insightful overview of the latest important fintech breakthroughs, including mobile payments and robo wealth managers, as well as new business models like distributed ledgers, crowd-funding and social media-based credit-scoring. The event will examine where collaborative strategies are most likely to succeed, provide leading examples of current efforts at collaboration and discuss lessons learned from other industries that have experienced technological disruption.

To learn more about the conference, click here.