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DSI Big Data for Intelligence Symposium
November 17 - Alexandria, VA

Digital Reasoning is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of this year’s Big Data for Intelligence Symposium presented by the Defense Strategies Institute. The symposium will take place at the Mary M. Gates Learning Center in Alexandria, Va., Nov. 17-18 and is designed as an educational and training “Town Hall” forum, where thought leaders and key policy-makers across military and civilian organizations can come together for actionable discussions and debate.

Intelligence Analysts are struggling to keep up with the exponential increase of raw intelligence data produced by rapid advances in data collection. The growth of intelligence data is significant, but the challenge now is to develop processes and analytic solutions that can harness the tremendous power of big data.

Intelligence organizations across government have an opportunity to exploit large data sets in order to produce actionable intelligence. The technology to visualize and exploit large, unstructured data sets provides the IC with a unique opportunity to dramatically improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

The Intelligence Community and its partners must build the capacity to harness this information being generated at an alarming rate. Utilizing advanced analytics and increased computing power, big data can provide a powerful intelligence advantage for the Community.

The symposium will explore ways of harnessing the power of big data for the Intelligence Community – specifically focusing on data analysis to support time-sensitive decision-making.

Topics will include:

  • Utilizing the Influx of Big Data to Enhance All-Source Intelligence Analysis
  • Big Data and the Need for Information Environments
  • Empowering Geospatial Intelligence Production with Big Data Analytics
  • Standardizing Big Data for the IC through Cloud Based Services
  • Military Service Priorities for Utilizing Big Data in Support of an Enhanced Intelligence Enterprise
  • Innovative Analytics Efforts to Gain Actionable Intelligence from Big Data
  • Creating New Technology to Enhance Analytic Efficiency and Apply Data Science Methods

For more information and to register for the symposium, visit here.