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Digital Reasoning Wins Sell-Side Technology Award for Best AI Technology for Second Year

We’re honored to have won ‘Best Artificial Intelligence Technology’ for the second year at the Waters Sell-Side Technology Awards. Our founder and president, Tim Estes, was present at the event today in London’s Andaz Hotel to collect the trophy in person. For decades, Waters has been serving the financial community with independent, expert journalism. Because of this, the Sell-Side Technology Awards are recognized as the coveted awards for financial institutions and the software vendors which serve them. Digital Reasoning was recognized for our ongoing work to combat risk and abuse in the financial services industry as well as for providing actionable customer insights.

For 30 Years, Waters Technology has been considered as “the” trusted source of Expert, Independent Financial Journalism across the financial services industry. Since 1985, Water’s four financial-market technology titles: Inside Market Data, Inside Reference Data, Buy-Side Technology & Sell-Side Technology have been serving the financial community with independent expert journalism.

The aim of the Sell-Side Technology Awards is to recognize the leading technologies and third-party vendors in their area of expertise, through an auditable and transparent methodology underpinned by the input and experience of eight judges — four sell-side CIOs/consultants and four of Waters magazine’s senior staff members.