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Digital Reasoning Wins KMWorld Promise Award 2015 for Cognitive Computing That Delivers Transformative Business Benefits

Award recognizes the vendor that best delivers on its promise of integrating technology into knowledge management workflow

Nashville, TN, November 4, 2015 – Digital Reasoning, a leader in cognitive computing, today announced that it is the winner of the KMWorld Promise Award 2015. The accolade recognizes the challenge faced by technology buyers when determining how successfully solutions deliver against vendors’ promises. Digital Reasoning won the award for its Synthesys cognitive computing platform after demonstrating its success in working with clients to embed both technology and knowledge into work processes to achieve positive business results.

KMWorld is the leading information provider serving the knowledge management systems market. “Digital Reasoning demonstrates the true value of cognitive computing technologies and practices through its Synthesys software platform, which understands how humans communicate by analyzing the context, content, and relationships within big data while semantically revealing what’s most critical to customers,” says KM Award lead judge Hugh McKellar. McKellar adds, “Synthesys can rapidly read data from any source, resolve what’s valuable, and reason using a dynamic knowledge graph, helping government agencies, financial institutions and healthcare organizations automate workflows and discover valuable insights.”

Marten den Haring, Chief Product Officer, commented, “Digital Reasoning believes that cognitive computing has tremendous potential to transform business and society, but positive change only happens when technology delivers on its promise. We’re especially proud to receive the KMWorld Promise Award, because it recognizes the real impact of our solutions on people’s lives today.”

The award was announced at the KMWorld Conference, held November 2nd-5th in Washington, DC.