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Digital Reasoning Secures Patent for Text Discovery
Distributed System of Intelligent Software Agents for Discovering the Meaning of Text

FRANKLIN, Tenn.– March 15, 2011 –Digital Reasoning™, the leader in complex, large scale unstructured data analytics, today announced it has been issued United States patent #7,882,055 for its distributed system of intelligent software agents for discovering the meaning in text.

The pioneering invention entails intelligent software agents that extract meaning from text as humans do – by analyzing concepts and entities in context. The software learns as it runs, continually comparing new text to existing knowledge.  Associated entities and synonym relationships are automatically discovered and relevant documents are identified from across extremely large corpora.

The patent specifically covers the mechanism of measurement and the applications of algorithms to develop machine-understandable structures from patterns of symbol usage. In addition, it covers the semantic alignment of those learned structures from unstructured data with pre-existing structured data – a necessary step in creating enterprise-class entity-oriented systems. The technology as implemented in Synthesys® provides a unique and now protected means of bringing automated understanding to end users in the enterprise and beyond.

“Digital Reasoning has been awarded two significant patents that form the basis of our flagship productSynthesys,” said Tim Estes, CEO and founder of Digital Reasoning.  “Our patents and recent strategic agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT) will help us to accelerate our vision of helping decision makers discover, visualize and act on important information that may not be readily apparent or is buried in different and disparate data sources.”

The Company recently announced a strategic investment, licensing, and development agreement fromIQT, the investment firm that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the U.S. Intelligence Community. The transaction will make Digital Reasoning’s technology available for use within the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Patent #7,882,055 along with Patent #7,249,117, which was awarded in 2007, are the foundation for the company’s flagship product, Synthesys, an entity oriented cloud-scale analytic solution that enables enterprises and government agencies to automatically make sense of complex data. Built to address the most complicated data analytics challenges Synthesys excels at extracting, resolving and linking entities and concepts from unstructured and structured data.  By uncovering hidden connections, the system empowers analysts to make smart decisions faster.