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Digital Reasoning Offers Oncology Programs Leading AI Solution at Cost Now When Health Systems and Their Cancer Patients Need Help the Most

AI leader enables healthcare organizations to quickly deploy at-cost AI solution to identify and treat cancer faster, getting patients life-saving care sooner 

NASHVILLE, TN – September 17, 2020 Digital Reasoning, the global leader in artificial intelligence solutions that understand human communications and behaviors, announced today that they are offering healthcare organizations Patient Intelligence at cost. Patient Intelligence is a proven AI solution that augments the cancer care workflow by identifying cancer diagnoses in real-time.

“Hospitals and cancer centers could be overwhelmed by a growing backlog of cancer patients who delayed or canceled screenings, tests, treatments, or therapies during this pandemic,” said Chris Cashwell, the senior vice president of healthcare solutions at Digital Reasoning. “Oncology programs can quickly combine AI and their cancer team’s expertise to get cancer patients treated sooner by virtually expanding capacity to increase patient volume with the same infrastructure. Unprecedented for enterprise AI software in the healthcare industry, our Solution deploys in weeks instead of months, plugs into existing diagnostic report feeds, and starts identifying cancer patients for navigation immediately.”

Within the first 24 hours of deployment at Digital Reasoning’s newest customer last week, the AI solution identified 17 cancer diagnoses and 2 incidental lung nodules by reading through hundreds of reports in real-time. After identifying a cancer diagnosis, the AI alerts the oncology team to begin care coordination so those patients can begin treatment sooner than previously possible.

“Many healthcare providers are reeling from the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19,” said Tim Estes, Founder and CEO of Digital Reasoning. “We looked at the situation and saw a way to help hospitals recover faster as they help patients recover. We’re dispensing with business as usual. Just like when we answered our nation’s call after the 9/11 attacks and when we saw a need to help combat human trafficking — because it was and is the right thing to do.”

Hospitals, health systems, and cancer centers interested in the new, risk-free Patient Intelligence solution offer can contact Digital Reasoning at

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Jason Beck