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Digital Reasoning Delivers New Technologies to the War on Terrorism

Brentwood, Tennessee – July 10, 2007  Digital Reasoning Systems Inc., the intelligence-software innovator, today announced the receipt of new tasking, which will extend it’s technology to the broader intelligence community.

Digital Reasoning Systems has been working closely with the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) to upgrade the government’s Pathfinder intelligence system, which supplies intelligence analysis to over 40 government agencies, including all arms of the military. The upcoming release of Pathfinder will provide Digital Reasoning’s GeoLocator technology for geospatial tagging of documents to all current Pathfinder sites.

Under this most recent tasking, Digital Reasoning will extend the latest version of it’s software technology to tackle the problems of relational and conceptual search over hundreds of millions of documents, distributed processing, and state-of-the-art entity and relationship extraction from unstructured data.

The new tasking also extends licensing of Digital Reasoning Interceptor and GeoLocator technologies to the Foreign Military Studies Office (FMSO), a directorate of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), the Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC) of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and other undisclosed agencies.

“This latest tasking will allow us to put our technology in the hands of many more intelligence professionals, and will ultimately benefit our Soldiers who are fighting on the frontline of the War on Terrorism,” said CEO Tim Estes.

The Digital Reasoning technology applies proprietary language modeling and analysis capabilities to derive meaning from vast numbers of documents or message traffic. Unlike traditional search and ontology-based tools, Digital Reasoning learns and develops its understanding directly from the user’s data – providing a rich, flexible, and customized knowledge base with minimal human intervention or guidance. Digital Reasoning’s technology is patent pending and represents the only scalable solution to deriving rich knowledge directly from text using entirely patterns of the contextual usage of words.

“Having worked for years with some of the nation’s brightest people to deliver a solution that would go beyond ‘connecting the dots’ to a system that could discover ‘patterns in near infinite haystacks’ and make them understandable to the typical intelligence analyst, we are very proud to be at the culmination of our work and have the opportunity to make it available to these new groups” said CEO Tim Estes.