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Digital Reasoning Debuts Cloud Version of Its Machine Learning Platform That Analyzes Human Language, Sets Sights on Data Scientists

Synthesys® Cloud is available immediately via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace

LAS VEGAS November 13, 2013 – Digital Reasoning, a leader in cognitive computing, today announced at the AWS re:Invent conference that it will offer a cloud version of its Synthesys® Machine Learning Platform via the AWS Marketplace. Synthesys Cloud consists of an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that contains all the software necessary to run Synthesys on an Hadoop/HBase cluster under Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

“By launching Synthesys Cloud in the AWS Marketplace, Digital Reasoning is helping customers to more quickly and easily analyze large amounts of unstructured data efficiently and economically in the cloud,” said Terry Hanold, Vice President, Cloud Commerce, AWS.

Synthesys Cloud provides a number of benefits to data scientists:

  • Rather than spending time on IT tasks such as installing and configuring various hardware and software components, users are able to launch a Synthesys cluster with just a few clicks allowing them to focus on uploading, analyzing and exploring data.
  • Synthesys simplifies the parsing of human language data such as Web content, documents, emails and other electronic communications into semantically rich structures ( i.e. entities, facts and relationships) so that data scientists do not have to be subject matter experts in Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • Synthesys Cloud offers initial support for 3rd party query tools such as Apache Hive™, which gives users power and flexibility to explore and visualize Synthesys output.
  • Synthesys Cloud on the AWS Marketplace makes it easy and affordable for any budget to pay-as-they-go by taking advantage of low hourly billing rates and the ability to combine Synthesys with other AWS offerings.

“It is exciting to see Digital Reasoning leverage the AWS Marketplace to make Synthesys more widely available to data scientists within the public sector and other industries,” said Mike Miller, executive vice president of sales, Digital Reasoning. “Synthesys Cloud will accelerate the ability for new customers to evaluate and adopt a platform that already serves several critical missions in the Intelligence Community.”

Synthesys Cloud offers customers key capabilities:

  • Read Large Datasets: Users can now analyze large volumes of unclassified public information (i.e. news reports, blogs, social media content, market research, customer feedback, etc.) at an unprecedented speed.
  • Resolve Entities in Time and Space: Quickly identify and resolve the unique real-world identities of people, places, and organizations within millions of documents containing human language. For instance, Synthesys can resolve “GlaxoSmithKline” in one document with “GSK” in another document and understand the context in which they were mentioned using temporal references, geographic references and other associated terms.
  • Reason over the Knowledge Graph: Digital Reasoning aggregates facts and relationships to form a holistic network of interconnected real-world entities that users can explore and reason over. For example, users could help organizations identify centers of influence based on the social networks that connect employees and customers.
  • Discover Similarities and Anomalies: Users are able to discover “known unknowns” by finding new patterns in their data. For example, after ingesting and analyzing PubMed data, the Synthesys machine learning platform identified carcinogens within the data based solely on how the terms were used and referenced. In other tests, “cover terms” were discovered that were used to obscure detection of suspicious activity in electronic communications.

“AWS has been fantastic to work with for several years, providing critical technology infrastructure that has enabled us to develop and deliver innovative software solutions for our customers,” said Marten den Haring, senior vice president of products at Digital Reasoning. “By launching Synthesys Cloud via the AWS Marketplace we will take Digital Reasoning’s work with AWS to a new level as we leverage their powerful online store to begin building a broader channel to market.”

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