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Digital Reasoning CEO to Brief Intelligence Community on Big Data Analytics at Cloud Summit

Washington, D.C. September 11, 2013 – Digital Reasoning, the company that enables automated understanding of human communication, is pleased to announce that its CEO and founder, Tim Estes, will be speaking today at the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) briefing at the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Worldwide Public Sector Summit.

Estes will join other subject matter experts to discuss how cloud infrastructures enable unprecedented innovation by delivering new levels of flexibility, scalability and affordability to customers with large-scale data analysis needs.

“Shortly after founding the company, 9/11 happened and exposed the biggest problem in terms of national significance – being able to connect data together in a meaningful way,” said Estes. “We’ve spent the last decade diligently working to defend our country by resolving the problem of connecting the dots. Now, together with Amazon Web Services, we’ve made scaling up that capability easier and more powerful than ever before. As a team, we’ve made insight elastic on some of the world’s most valuable data.”

Digital Reasoning has partnered with AWS to achieve operational excellence for the research and development effort of its Synthesys machine-learning platform, as well as for the delivery of key customer deployments. Digital Reasoning has fully automated the provisioning of Synthesys on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for scaling compute capacity on demand, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for offloading data storage, and is exploring the use of Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (Amazon EMR) to manage Hadoop-based workflows. Digital Reasoning takes advantage of Amazon’s EC2 Spot Instances, a pricing model that provides the flexibility of ad-hoc provisioning at significant cost savings.

Through a combination of maturing technical capabilities and the emergence of new business models, cloud solutions such as the Amazon AWS platform are now providing mainstream access to extraordinary compute resources. Taking the complexity and cost out of deployment architectures means more emphasis can be put on providing holistic data analysis by automatically correlating billions of entities, facts and events across a variety of structured and unstructured data sources and aggregating those relationships into a knowledge graph that can be used in support of critical missions on Cyber Security, Counterintelligence, Counter-terrorism and Intelligence Analysis.

Digital Reasoning will make further announcements about offering its unparalleled Big Data analytics capabilities via the AWS Marketplace later this year.

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