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Digital Reasoning Builds Significant Customer Momentum in Financial Services
Announces Availability Of Next-Generation Electronic Communications Surveillance Solution

NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 24, 2015 – Digital Reasoning, a leader in cognitive computing, today announced significant customer momentum in financial services and the immediate availability of its next-generation electronic communications (eComms) solution, Synthesys 3.10. The solution transforms the way organizations monitor and investigate employee communications by leveraging machine learning technology that is capable of analyzing human language data at scale to provide valuable insights about risks and opportunities.

The Synthesys release comes at a time when global financial institutions are investigating new technologies to curb the behavioral risks associated with nefarious employee activity such as market manipulation, collusive trading, misconduct and various other types of insider threats. Financial regulatory reviews of systemic incidents of fraud and abuse reveal that key indicators of misconduct are often missed by legacy surveillance processes and systems. This results in a series of avoidable adverse events — yet financial institutions cannot be expected to keep up with the growing volume of false alerts and missed signals by simply hiring more compliance analysts and investigators. With today’s advances in cognitive computing it is possible to gain insights from electronic communications that go beyond social network analysis and keyword-based alerts to detect bad actors and discover anomalous behavior. Increasingly, financial institutions are looking to Digital Reasoning and Synthesys to better understand and act upon these insights.

“Digital Reasoning provides state-of-the-art eComms monitoring capability based on the analysis of content, context and relationships,” said Will Davis, Global Head of Compliance & Operational Risk Control Technology at UBS. “This enables the proactive identification of potential risks across our business and continuous learning from the resulting reviews. We believe this will offer efficiency and accuracy gains vs standard lexicon based monitoring programs.”

According to Vincent Tortorella, Chief Compliance and Surveillance Officer at Point72, “Using Synthesys gives our team the means to discover potential problems and act on them before they ripen into actual problems. By taking advantage of a system that learns and adapts to changing behaviors, it puts Point72 in a better position to protect against reputational and regulatory risks.”

Rob Metcalf, President of Digital Reasoning, said, “We have seen tremendous customer momentum for our proactive compliance offering. Electronic communication is the leading indicator of human risk, and Digital Reasoning’s cognitive computing platform minimizes risk and reduces operational cost in the monitoring of email, chat and voice transcriptions.”

Key new capabilities in Synthesys 3.10 include:

  • Monitoring Application: New workflow allows compliance analysts and managers to manage, triage, and respond to policy violations detected in eComms.
    • Analyst Queue: Provides ability for compliance analysts to review system-generated alerts in support of eComms surveillance.
    • Action Pending Queue: Queues unresolved alerts requiring action.
    • Dashboard:  Provides ability for compliance managers to monitor alert queue, unresolved alerts, and compliance analyst performance.
    • Search: Allows full text search capability enabling analysts to perform ad hoc searches in support of investigations and eComms surveillance.
  • Sentiment:  State-of-the-art sentiment analysis identifies sentence-level sentiment on a scale of strongly negative to strongly positive.
  • Disclaimer Detection:  Machine learning capability effectively identifies and eliminates disclaimers from eComms analysis.
  • Reference Data:  Enables importing reference data from HR systems, CRM, and other systems to enhance the context of eComms analysis.
  • System Administration:  A new user interface to centrally manage Knowledge Graphs, including system configurations, application settings and data ingestion.

Digital Reasoning will be showcasing Synthesys at the FINRA 2015 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. on May 27-29.