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Digital Reasoning and Connotate Partner to Mine Intelligence from Social Media
Combining Large-Scale Data Monitoring and Extraction with Unstructured Data Analytics Provides Accelerated Time to Actionable Intelligence

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – (May 19, 2012) – Connotate, Inc., the leading provider of solutions that help organizations monitor and collect data and content from the Web, today announced that it has partnered with Digital Reasoning™, the leader in unstructured data analytics at scale, to provide government agencies with a simple solution to create actionable intelligence from fact-based analysis of social media’s Big Data.

“The problem is not whether we can glean insights from vast quantities of data but how we get to them quickly. That’s where Connotate comes in,” said Digital Reasoning CEO Tim Estes. “The Connotate solution delivers large volumes of the right data, in a structured format from any Web source to the Synthesys analytics tool, allowing us to see more – enabling a streamlined process of ‘read, resolve and reason’ that allows organizations to quickly make smart strategic decisions.”

The relentless onslaught of new information generated by the Internet is the primary obstacle in the journey to Big Data success. The fact that social media is human data – data created by humans — makes it non-specific in nature, complicated and messy. Connotate and Digital Reasoning’s partnership helps companies alleviate these pain points. Connotate’s ability to monitor dynamic social media sources, automatically reformat large-scale data into simple formats and deliver them to Digital Reasoning’s machine-learning text analytics solution helps government agencies and businesses achieve a deeper understanding of how they are perceived and connected to the world around them. Rather than analyzing all of the world’s data, this partnership instead focuses on leveraging only relevant, timely information so that government agencies can accurately link people and organizations to a myriad of related data points, including time and location. This capability is crucial to government agencies as well as enterprises conducting competitive intelligence or internal audits.

“This is a ground-breaking partnership that addresses all three primary Big Data challenges: velocity, variety and volume,” Connotate CEO Keith Cooper. “Connotate and Digital Reasoning’s partnership moves Big Data beyond a mere buzzword as we get to see the value the combined technologies enable. Real-time insights are a ‘must-have’ in the modern intelligence, strategic and competitive landscape and we are at the forefront of delivering them.”