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Digital Reasoning and Clutch Group Partner to Revolutionize Compliance and eDiscovery
The partnership leverages the power of Synthesys® platform and Clutch Group’s deep industry expertise

Washington, D.C. & Nashville, Tenn., Feb 27, 2013 – Digital Reasoning, the leader in unstructured data analytics at scale, and Clutch Group, a leader in delivering legal and compliance solutions, announced today at the O’Reilly Strata Conference a revolutionary partnership that brings together processes and technology to Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and eDiscovery markets. This integrated partnership represents the first time that advanced entity analytics has been combined with innovative process to deliver a transformative discovery model for legal and compliance departments for major Fortune 500 companies. This new solution makes it possible to move governance and eDiscovery beyond a document-level analysis to an automated analysis of people, places, organizations and relationships – all while mitigating risk through a rigorous and defensible process.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Clutch Group to bring powerful new capabilities to eDiscovery and compliance markets”, said Rob Metcalf, President and COO of Digital Reasoning.  “Corporate counsel and chief compliance officers are overwhelmed with the costs of current offerings and underwhelmed with the quality of the analysis, and this partnership brings an innovative solution for both problems.”

Clutch Group is recognized as one of the most innovative and capable providers of eDiscovery and risk/compliance services.  “The combination of Clutch Group’s award-winning services and expertise along with Digital Reasoning’s unique, advanced unstructured analytics platform will provide our mutual clients with unparalleled solutions to some of their most vexing challenges,” said Mike Miller, Executive Vice President of Sales at Digital Reasoning.

The partnership is the result of a series of projects where Clutch conducted a side-by-side comparison of various tools available to the legal and compliance market. In contrast to the other predictive and analytic tools available in the legal market, Synthesys drove extraordinary value and results across actual data sets.  “After extensive testing and analysis, we have been working closely with the Digital Reasoning to help clients both in proactive and reactive use cases for discovery and investigatory work.” said JB Costilow, Vice President of Innovation at Clutch Group.  “We realized that including enhanced layers of data analysis in our predictive modeling, such as temporal reasoning, made this an ideal engine to serve as the foundation of our platform.”

“As we analyzed tools currently available to the legal and compliance market, we quickly realized that the antiquated indexing technology, upon which the household names in predictive coding are built, was incapable of capturing even basic information that would lead to a relevance decision” said Brandon Daniels, President of Managed Services at Clutch Group, “There is no doubt that partnering with Digital Reasoning is essential as Clutch releases the first ever predictive analysis solution based on entity-driven natural language processing and multi-layer analytics tailored to the legal and compliance market.”

This partnership will be the subject of a joint presentation by Tim Estes, CEO of Digital Reasoning and Brandon Daniels, President of the Clutch Group at O’Reilly’s Strata Conference in Santa Clara this week.