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Digital Reasoning and Carahsoft Webinar: Mitigate Risk with Digital Reasoning’s Advanced Analytics

Mitigate Risk with Digital Reasoning’s Advanced Analytics

Mountains of unstructured data hold some of the most important answers to the critical problems we face today. Unfortunately, because there is so much data, it’s extremely difficult to uncover the most important information. Illuminating this valuable material enables people discover insights, opportunities, and risks that can make a major impact on decisions that need to be made.

Digital Reasoning identifies these insights with exceptional intelligence and efficiency. Our technology, Synthesys®, cuts through the noise and amplifies what’s important: making critical information impossible to miss. Our solutions point out unexpected knowledge and expose surprising relationships, helping users make more informed decisions.

Join Bill DiPietro, Digital Reasoning’s Vice President of Product Management, for a live demonstration showcasing how Synthesys amplifies your intelligence through advanced email analytics. We will explore a publically available Enron email dataset of 375,000 emails to see what valuable information exists within this massive amount of data, exemplifying how Synthesys can serve as your tool to mitigate risk.

Attendees of this webcast will learn:

  • How to uncover critically important relationships and assertions
  • How public information can be used to reveal unknown risks
  • How your mission can benefit from these valuable insights
  • Why Digital Reasoning’s Synthesys is best suited to uncover these risks

Update: You may download the video recording of this webinar here.