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Synthesys 4 Launch: Data Science Tackles Audio and Insider Threat Analytics

US company Digital Reasoning has launched Synthesys 4, the latest version of its cognitive computing platform which leverages an ensemble of technologies including machine learning, NLP, computer vision, pattern recognition and knowledge representation.

Synthesys 4 delivers its analysis in the form of interactive data exploration tools as well as task-oriented and user-friendly Intelligent Assistants that reason over knowledge abstracted from data. The result is enhanced user productivity and continuous learning from context.

New capabilities include:

  • analytics enhancements leveraging deep learning neural networks across text, audio and images, as well as behavioural analytics based on anomaly detection techniques.
  • Enhanced multi-lingual capabilities, including state of the art quality for English, Spanish and Chinese with full syntactic parsing.
  • An integrated ability to conduct interactive data analytics designed for data scientists. Synthesys Notebook enables local exploration of data and import/export of results from Synthesys analytics to a range of third party databases and visualization tools.

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