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This Is What Your Company Should Look Like

We imagine a 21st-century corporation designed to capitalize on connected systems, data, and employees who take a more expansive view of work.

Today’s companies aren’t like yesterday’s. They can’t be—not in a world where everything and everyone is connected at little extra cost. The 21st-century corporation will be bigger than ever, faster than ever, and nimbler than its predecessors and enabled by a new Industrial Revolution. What does one look like on the inside? We imagined the perfect future company—then cracked it open to show how differently it operates.

Let’s Get One Thing Straight

See the café to the left? Your company is operating from it at least some of the time. More people are telecommuting than ever before: 37% in some fashion, per a 2015 Gallup poll, up from 30% a decade ago and 9% in 1995. Most workers who log in from elsewhere do so only occasionally, averaging six days a month. But in the 21st century, it’s a sure bet that your company’s office is a resource, not a requirement.

Back to the Bus

Perhaps Silicon Valley is onto something with its shuttle systems. Though the buses are a lightning rod in the gentrifying San Francisco Bay Area, they efficiently carry thousands of employees of Apple (AAPL ^ 0.40%), Facebook (FB ^ 1.84%), and Google (GOOGL ^ 0.08%) (among others) to work each day, sparing the carbon emissions and hassle of individual passenger vehicles. Your renovated corporate headquarters ditched private offices. Why not private parking spaces too?

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