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Cognitive Platform Sharpens Focus on Unstructured Data

Big data platform vendors are increasingly focusing on churning through unstructured data, especially for text, audio and even security applications like insider threat analysis. Among the companies emerging in this industry segment is Digital Reasoning, a well-connected cognitive computing company that has helped the U.S. military track terrorists online while working with financial markets to spot insider trading.

The company, which recently expanded beyond the Capital Beltway to Nashville, rolled out the latest version of its Synthesys cognitive computing platform this week that combines machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and pattern recognition. The combination is intended to boost the quality of unstructured data analysis while reducing the amount of time needed to get the desired results.

Version 4 of the Digital Reasoning platform released on Tuesday (June 21) is based on proprietary analytics tools that apply deep learning neural network techniques across text, audio and images. Synthesys 4 also incorporates behavioral analytics based on anomaly detection techniques.

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