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Chief Data Officer Forum, Financial Services
June 22 - New York, NY

Digital Reasoning is proud to sponsor the upcoming Chief Data Officer Forum (Government), which will take place in New York City, June 22-23rd. Matthew Russell, Chief Technology Officer at Digital Reasoning, will lead a discussion group on “Insights from Unstructured Data – Delivering Value and Achieving Outcomes from Big Data”.

The Chief Data Officer Forum, Financial Services brings over 100 CDOs, CAOs, and other data leaders from leading global and national financial institutions.

Data in Financial Services represents both unavoidable challenges, as well as significant opportunities. Failure to get to grips with data challenges poses great risks; not just regulatory but also both financial and reputational. Beyond the threats that the new data-centric era poses, Financial Services companies also need to develop the ability to extract value from their data, or risk getting left behind. Indeed, 75% of executives stating that failure to leverage data will lead to becoming uncompetitive.

Given the central importance of data in modern financial institutions, it is unsurprising that the sector was the first adopter of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) role, and now accounts for 25% of these positions globally. The impact of these CDOs is already clear with 43% of financial service firms with a CDO experiencing considerably improved performance in Big Data initiatives, compared to just 31% of organizations without a CDO.

To learn more about the forum and to register, visit here.