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Bank of England evaluating cognition by digital reasoning
Bank of England Successfully Evaluates Cognition AI Model Training from Digital Reasoning

The Bank of England has announced a successful evaluation of Cognition, a machine education tool built by Digital Reasoning to make it quick and easy to train artificial intelligence models.

The Bank found the Cognition “interface to be intuitive, which enabled analysts to train models quickly with little formal training.” It was “successfully able to use the model to categorise instances of business risk and external context in the data.”

Cognition enables organizations to transfer their employees’ knowledge to computers, quickly and accurately. Organizations that achieve this are best placed to realize the competitive advantages of automation and insights at scale. Cognition uses active learning and intuitive interfaces that empower anyone to train AI models. It cuts training time from months to days or even hours, demands no data science skills, and reduces the costs of analytics model building by orders of magnitude.

Click here to read the Bank of England press release.