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American Banker chooses Digital Reasoning as one of the Top Ten Tech Companies to Watch in 2013

American Banker recently chose Digital Reasoning as one of the top ten tech companies to watch in 2013. Read full article here.


Company: Digital Reasoning

Headquarters: Franklin, Tenn.

Technology: Search and analytics of unstructured documents, combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence that “learns” how to identify connections among people and organizations within documents.

Although it can’t share specifics, Digital Reasoning has been providing analytics for the military and intelligence community for 12 years, sifting through millions of documents and emails to find threats to national security.

“We’ve been catching bad guys …. we cut our teeth on large amounts of unstructured, human documents, finding out who’s talking to who about what, focusing heavily on international communications,” says CEO Tim Estes. “We have people collecting intelligence overseas, we have people who are trying to piece together, who are the people building bombs that are going to blow up our soldiers?”