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A Message From Our Leadership

After another tough night in many U.S. cities, we wanted to put in writing a few things that we shared in our recent company meeting.

First, racism cannot be tolerated. We stand beside those who confront and deal with inequality on a daily basis and will not pretend that racism doesn’t exist. We see it, we acknowledge it, and it’s time to unplug the undercurrent of racism running through our society. Digital Reasoning will not accept anything other than an environment where everyone is treated with equality, dignity, and respect.

Secondly, we are saddened by the violence that has accompanied some of the peaceful protests. People are rightfully angry, but the rioting and looting is only causing further devastation and suffering — detracting from the mission of justice and reformed police practices. We hope our communities stay safe and that we are able to endure this moment so that we can finally witness meaningful change and return to civil discourse.

Lastly, it is natural in difficult and dangerous times to focus inward on ourselves and our families. Over the past two months, and particularly this last week, we have watched many of our company’s employees and many of our citizens look out for each other, showing remarkable support to their colleagues and fellow Americans. Thank you to those that choose to demonstrate kindness rather than contempt during these chaotic, unsettling times. We remain fully committed to working together with our employees, our communities, and our country in order to pursue our worthwhile mission to protect the things that matter.

-Tim Estes, Founder and CEO

-Brook Hazelton, President & Co-CEO