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A Little Magic To Slay Lots of Dragons

We’d like to welcome you to our story.

We say it is our story but it really isn’t. It’s a story in which we at Digital Reasoning play a role, but we cannot claim sole authorship. Even as a founder, you realize that nothing you have created is here without the tireless effort of others and the opening that is provided by circumstance and calling.

The story in which we have played and now invite you to join us in is the quest to make something new to respond to a new challenge for our generation.

In the past two decades, it has never been cheaper and more convenient to create, replicate, and transmit information. It is a deluge… a torrent where triviality and consequence are mingled indistinguishably on the surface. And this is a challenge and opportunity unlike anything in human history.

But history does not wait for us to adapt. Sometimes it yanks us from our comfort zones through evil, tragedy, or chaos. Many of those in this company were contributing to the world in our own way one Tuesday morning in September twelve years ago when evil met us in the air. Some were still in school, some were in the Military, and others were in successful careers. I was simply trying to make software that could learn so that people would get more value from technology the more they used it. But at that moment and through the decade that followed, we realized that software that could learn from human communication would be one of the great necessities in protecting the world from a new kind of danger – where the warning signs were hidden in the torrent of triviality and consequence.

Why us and not the other great analytics and search companies that emerged in the 2000s? Simply put, we showed up to help and had the right approach. The businesses that rose up to assist Internet users organize the world’s information offered a seductive trade. In return for our attention, the ability to monitor and profile us, and the willingness for us to receive economic offers (either ads or deals), they would take on the organizing and filtering for us. We would come onto their platform, given them our data, and trust in their objectivity and effectiveness.

This trade was a non-starter for the National Security sector. They needed something that could run on their networks, process their most sensitive and large data (long before “Big Data”), and produce results to protect the security of the nation. That is the story of Digital Reasoning – software that could learn from human communication, being used to answer the need of a Nation, in a model where people and groups could own it. To meet that need and after a decade of research, development, and engineering, we constructed a unique assembly of technology in our product, Synthesys. There is quite simply nothing like it in the world.

Fast forwarding to today, Digital Reasoning has expanded to take this technology to some of the most important enterprises in the world. We protect them from different kinds of risk and use the power of analysis of human communication through Machine Learning to discover valuable and unknown opportunities. We do this with a commitment that users create their data so they should own their data and the value that derives from it. We are the providers of the technology to help you harness this asset that lies throughout your enterprise.

So, today we launch a new platform here at to tell the world that story and to invite those that read it to join with us in writing the chapters that come ahead. Across Banking, Legal, Health Care, other industries, and eventually for all individuals, we want to provide the tools to help you understand your information. We are currently working with the leading Banks in the world to revolutionize the way Compliance is done in Investment Banking by making it Proactive rather than Reactive.

The same technology is also being used in partnership with Law Enforcement to try to catch those that would exploit children through sex trafficking. Quite simply, we love to help the good guys catch the bad guys and give customers more ways to recover value that is locked in their data. When refined into knowledge, data goes from liability to asset. Over and over again we’ve seen that the most unrefined data asset in companies is the human communication or unstructured data that lies scattered through many systems – barely searchable and almost never connected and understood. But that is changing now that a technology and team exist to deliver it to those needs.

At Digital Reasoning, we are delivering a different kind of software. One that bridges man and machine by finding order inside of information – especially human-generated information- and using it to make programs that can act more like people in how they connect and prioritize what is important. We desire to use this technology for our customers and partners to end regret and bring about renewal that comes through trusted understanding that can be applied to concrete needs.

We are proud of what these partners are doing with it and for whom they are doing it. They are the heroes and the protectors. They are the wizards and the creators. We just give them a little magic to slay the dragons with. Thanks to the missions and customers we serve, we can wake up every day with our heads held high knowing that in the time we were most able to give, we have contributed and will contribute further still to the most important needs on our planet through something that is uniquely fit to this moment in time.

We believe in a future where knowledge and understanding weave us all together with less regrets and more fulfillment. And we know that technology is one of the primary mechanisms of this positive change for the world. It is a world that is being remade every day and we want it to be for the better. That is the story that is today and will continue to be tomorrow. What role will you play in that story? Reach out and talk to us. We might just do something great together.