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3 Use Cases Where AI is Fueling Patient-Driven Care Today

AI is changing the way the healthcare industry operates and is sparking a change that allows for reduced spending and improved patient outcomes. Digital Reasoning deploys AI-powered care management software to augment care teams and accelerate the care management process. We don’t just focus on what our technology can do for your healthcare system, but rather how our system can integrate with your health system’s existing workflows or empower a better workflow that has been newly created.

The problem
Every day our health systems test patients using biopsies and imaging scans. Thousands of pathology and radiology reports flow through your information systems waiting for a healthcare professional to read them, triage and start coordinating care. The bottom line, there simply aren’t enough people in health systems and cancer centers to read every test so the duty falls upon the ordering provider to read the test results and take action. Doctors are burning out and spending less time with their patients because of this. We don’t know it’s a problem because it’s just the way it is. The process of diagnosing, coordinating and treating cancer is a complex, labor-intensive process that takes time and expertise. 

Patient AI Care Solution

The solution
A higher standard of care is emerging and Digital Reasoning has proven that they can lead the way. Over 155 Acute Care Hospitals and 69+ Cancer Care Treatment Centers have partnered with Digital Reasoning to increase their efficiencies and improve patient outcomes.

Our PatientAI platform solves problems which are at the top of the mind for healthcare executives. One example – Clinical Trials. The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) recent survey showed that identifying eligible patients and tracking outcomes were their #1 challenge to offering Clinical Trials. With increasing patient data from multiple sources, AI is needed to support data processing.

In another survey taken for ACCC, the #1 daily issue for Cancer Care Leaders were Workflow inefficiencies. Our PatientAI platform addresses numerous automated workflow opportunities – Nurse Navigation, Registry Automation, Clinical Trial Identification, and more. AI-Powered Care Management Software accelerates the care process and allows Digital Reasoning to identify, classify, triage and prioritize patients for timely follow-up and accelerated care delivery. All improving the “Triple Aim” benefits.

The result

  • In 2016, HCA partnered with Digital Reasoning to conduct a wide variety of data science experiments (Figure 1.) Oncology volume INCREASED by over 500 patients (on average in each local healthcare provider market area) The oncology volume growth rate tripled from 2016, adding more than 10,000 cancer patients nationwide from Jan. 2017 to March 2018, and still growing.
  • Navigator Caseload Productivity INCREASED by more than 2x. Our innovative solution enables a 200-250% gain in productivity across cancer care teams.
  • After implementing our solution, the amount of time spent directly interacting with patients DOUBLED (Figure 2.) – instead of Electronic Medical Records and documentation work.
  • By spending more time navigating and coordinating care, more patients were able to receive the benefits of nurse navigation and average speed to treatment REDUCED by 5 days.

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