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3 Lessons for AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence was one of the key topics at the HIMSS Conference 2008. Our Director of Healthcare Research, Paul Clark, wrote for HIT Consultant ahead of the event with his view of the three key lessons that healthcare leaders must bear in mind as they evaluate and adopt AI and advanced data analytics for their organizations.

Paul recommends that AI initiatives need to set out to solve precise problems, rather than being regarded as a machine that can “go fishing for answers.” He advises that “providers and data science partners must understand the healthcare value chain and how data flow and technology infrastructure affect care delivery.” And, last but not least, he points out the value of analyzing unstructured data. “Clinical documentation and patients’ own narrative feedback can provide tremendous insights into disease prediction, recovery, health behaviors and other elements that expand upon vitals and social determinants,” he argues.

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Written By
Paul Clark

Paul Clark is our Director of Healthcare Research. Prior to joining Digital Reasoning he served as Vice President of Research & Education at The Health Management Academy, leading the research agenda and educational development for C-Suite executives at America’s leading healthcare systems.