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11th Annual Cyber and Information Security Research Conference
April 05 - Oak Ridge, TN

Digital Reasoning is pleased to sponsor and speak at the 11th Annual Cyber and Information Security Research Conference (CISRC) taking place at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge Tennessee April 5-7, 2016. CISRC brings together cyber security researchers, program managers, and decision-makers to discuss challenging tasks and explore novel solutions to the ever-growing global cyber threat.

The largest DOE/National Laboratory technology gathering to take place onsite a government facility throughout the whole year, the event will bring together personnel and leaders from the National Laboratories, Department of Energy, NSA, Department of Homeland Security, and the Cyber Sciences Laboratory to discuss cutting-edge cyber technology and research.

Kelly Collins, President Digital Reasoning Government and Mike Barretta, Lead Solution Architect will present “The Other Side of the Equation: Exploring the Value of Unstructured Human Communications for Cyber Threat” on Wednesday, April 6th, at 2:25pm. The session will explore how combining structured cyber elements with unstructured human communications enables analysts to narrow the universe while widening the aperture on cyber activities – providing more insight into cyber threat actors, the organizations they belong to, the malware they create, and the exploits they claim.