Financial Services The #1 conduct surveillance provider for leading global banks.

Conduct Surveillance uses award-winning AI to analyze text and audio communications and equip surveillance professionals to quickly identify previously hidden risks in employee communications.

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Healthcare Accelerating care for cancer patients.

Today, 186 hospitals across the country use our intelligent automation software to raise the standard of care in oncology – enhancing clinical quality, patient experience, efficiency, and productivity while growing patient volume.

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Security & Intelligence Identifying threats quickly to keep more citizens safe.

Used by more than 2,187 law enforcement and intelligence agencies in North America, Spotlight is the #1 web-based investigations tool used for combating sex trafficking. It provides law enforcement with the precision tools they need to protect the most vulnerable people in society.

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Discover what it means to be a Reasoner.

At Digital Reasoning, we’re writing the next great chapter in technology. It’s an exciting narrative where passionate people make smarter digital software to build a better world.

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