dgr-home-heroRelationship Manager 279Trader C42The unofficial word on the street is that the deal closing is slated for Feb 7. Does this tally with what you've been hearing?If that is the timeline then may only have a couple more weeks to play with and we need to reach a critical mass to pro-tect ourselves. Can you confirm that your side is "in" and ready to go ahead when the time is right?He doesn’t really know much about the EEI. So I’m going to send him that now and I will told him I'd take a look and we're gonna talk first thing in the morning and he said he thinks they're going to decide around noon to-morrow or 12:30 who gets the transaction.So I just wanna tell you that.That’s that’s fair enough don't you think? I mean, I don’t want to tank the deal but we, they gotta realise the WSPP does need improve-ment and that there are some very weak points.Yeah.Ok. Cool.Yeah. Well that’s cool.From: Brea Harrison b.harrison@harrisoninc.comTo: bmichaels@privatebank.comSubject: Fund PerformanceAs you will see from the correspondence I have had with your successor, I'm ex-tremely disappointed with how I've been treated. But it was you after all who sold me the Private Equity Fund and apparently, accord-ing to Gerrie, you're also receiving my communication and updates about the funds. Anyway, it seems I'm robbed of my money here and I'm ready to get lawyers in-volved. Would appreciate clarification.Best,Brea.The Private Equity Fund @SineNomineBank is a poor performer. And service isn’t much better.I agree. I was recommended to @SineNomineBank, but my relationship manager there never returns calls. #notgreatTRADER D: 10:34:45 I skewed the quote to the left10:34:59 people scared10:36:43 we’ll spoof it ahahahaTRADER E: 16:12:37 u must have about gazillions16:13:05 and u spoof the sellTRADER F: 11:26:16 we good ain’t weTRADER G: 11:26:51 not very friendly[rumor]
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...to empower law enforcement to identify & assist trafficked children.
Julie Cordua – CEO | Thorn
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